Smarter Sensing

Protect your assets and the environment with our advanced IoT solutions for leak detection and environmental monitoring.
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Sense, Monitor, Notify and Control

State of the art hardware to help mitigate problems or simply gain insights

Leak Detection

Mitigate water damage and save time and money by installing leak detectors in area's where leaks are prone to happen.

Environmental Monitoring

Know your space by utilizing Temperature and Humidity sensors to track trends and comfort levels

Door/Window Monitoring

Increase awareness and get status notifications when a door/window is opened or closed.

Device Tracking

Get notifications and alerts on device proximity based on a network of installed SmartBridge Gateways. (Coming Soon)

Powerful Accessories

Enhance your sensor deployment with state of the art accessories

Moisture Sensing Cable

Daisy chainable moisture sensing cable for a maximum of 50m length. Great for detecting a large area with a single sensor.

Cable Clips

Specially designed clips for anchoring moisture sensing cables to the floor. The hinge design allows for 1 or 2 clips to be used depending on the application.

Moisture Probe

Connects to a sensor and gives spot detection for moisture. Allows for daisy chaining to have multiple detection points on a single sensor.

Cable Weights

Hold cables down without screws or VHB tape. Great for dirty environments where the concrete or adhesive is not an option.

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